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Implementing a Key-Value Store – Part 4: API Design

This is Part 4 of the IKVS series, “Implementing a Key-Value Store”. You can also check the Table of Contents for other parts.

I finally settled on a name for this whole key-value store project, which from now on will be referred as FelixDB KingDB.

In this article, I will take a look at the APIs of four key-value stores and database systems: LevelDB, Kyoto Cabinet, BerkekeyDB and SQLite3. For each major functionality in their APIs, I will compare the naming conventions and method prototypes, to balance the pros and cons and design the API for the key-value store I am currently developing, KingDB. This article will cover:

1. General principles for API design
2. Defining the functionalities for the public API of KingDB
3. Comparing the APIs of existing databases
    3.1 Opening and closing a database
    3.2 Reads and Writes
    3.3 Iteration
    3.4 Parametrization
    3.5 Error management
4. Conclusion
5. References