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Year: 2011

Hair Analysis and Detection in Facial Picture

Continuing on my experimentations with face transformation algorithms, I was wondering if it was possible to detect and extract, with a certain accuracy, the hair of a person in a facial picture. I found two useful publications on the topic, Detection and Analysis of Hair (Yacoob and Davis, 2006), and Frequential and color analysis for hair mask segmentation (Rousset and Coulon, 2008). Their approaches are quite similar, and make use of color models, frequency filters and Gaussian kernels.

Facial transformation framework on the iPhone

More than a year ago, I was playing with some Computer Vision algorithms, and I posted this: Active Appearance Models in C++ (Paamela). The framework I built back then was a bit more complete than a simple AAM implementation, and actually I went up to the point where I was able to transform the sex, age and ethnicity of a person in a picture. The code was basically sitting there, taking dust in my hard drive. I had been willing to try some Objective-C and mobile development for some time. With the use of some magic (and good cross-compiling skills), I have been able to port the code from Linux to the iPhone. I now have a fully functioning facial transformation framework running on the iPhone!

Gamification: the next revolution?

The rate at which gaming is penetrating the different layers of our societies has been rapidly increasing during the last decade. Sure, part of this is due to the fact that kids playing in the 80’s are now 30 to 40-year old, but another good part of it is a direct consequence of the vulgarization of video games in general. With the Wii and now Kinect, no need for fancy game pads and killer finger skills to play video games. A vector of this acceleration is also the recent urge in the social media world. With Facebook, social games have emerged, taking advantage of social and psychological constraints. Games are no longer confined to the virtual world, and are crushing into the real world.